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Hello and welcome to Best Vegan Documentaries, it’s great to have you here, even though this isn’t a physical place and I can’t see you.

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”
Albert Einstein

Before exploring the site and taking a look at some of the vegan documentaries it features, you might wish to know a little bit about what it contains and other semi-important bits and pieces.


What kind of film is listed here?

In short, Best Vegan Documentaries brings together the best vegan and vegan-themed films currently available via the extensive Vegan Documentary List though I suspect you could have worked out from the title it wasn’t going to be about, say, pirates.

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There is an increasing awareness as to how the lifestyle choices we make are directly impacting on our health and the well-being of our planet including its non-human inhabitants.

The documentaries featured here tackle and suggest solutions to some of the biggest issues we face today and encompass amongst many subjects, health, the environment and animal rights.

We could all do with a dose of inspiration and motivation now and again, and the collection of films discussed on this site certainly have the capacity to provide you with both.


What will I learn from each documentary review?

Ok. Well, Best Vegan Documentaries discusses the main themes touched on by each film as well as the overall relevance to veganism and the reasons for watching it.

The film’s trailer can be viewed to whet the appetite and in addition links are provided as to where the documentary is available for rent, to purchase or to stream (including sites that offer streaming for free).

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There’s also a mention as to whether you can watch the movie on Netflix and/or YouTube.

There is also a link to the official website should one exist which may provide additional reading and information regarding how one can take action in relation to the subject material raised in the film.

Also included is a little section listing directors, narrators and run times plus an IMDb rating just in case you like that sort of thing.

There’s no need to thank me. No, come on, let’s move on…

Opinions have been kept to a minimum (which at times has been quite hard) as it’s important for an individual to make one’s own mind up, though there’s scope for discussion in the comments section at the end of each review.


What are the website’s aims?

Many are sceptical of vegetarians and vegans. There is a belief that humans have always practiced eating animals and meat has helped drive our evolution.

Certain animals were bred for our consumption and providing they were raised in an environment free from suffering and killed humanely, then for many, there doesn’t appear to be a problem.

But there’s an element of hypocrisy in people’s behaviour- some would carry out Practice A to help save animals but then take part in Practice B which was detrimental.

Or hug a dog then eat a cheeseburger…

Photo by Eric Ward and by Christian Wiediger

Certain animals curry favour over others- particularly those with fur and big baby-like eyes. If young harp seals looked like cockroaches, it’s doubtful many would care too much how many times they were clubbed.

In terms of health, the eating of meat and dairy is still perceived as being beneficial, certainly as part of a ‘balanced diet.’

The fact it’s recommended vegans take B12 supplementation is perceived as enough evidence to suggest a plant-based way of living isn’t optimal or normal.

By starting to watch and read things, views can change.

Switches can, but don’t have to be sudden. For many, there may be more of a gradual change in attitude that actually lasts a few years before reaching its conclusion which may be adopting a vegan lifestyle.

Meat and dairy consumptions may well continue during that time, but on a reduced scale. Of course, lifestyle changes take an element of determination especially if one can’t initially see the benefits.

And over time, the effects of the things one sees and reads- things that brought about change fade or become forgotten.      

So then watch and read some more.

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There are many misconceptions when it comes to food and the vegan diet. For example, hearing stories of fully qualified doctors, actual medical professionals, asking vegans how they get their protein.

Sadly this is a common (and borderline annoying) question, but it highlights the lack of knowledge not only circulating in public with regards to plant-based diets, but also in the medical arena.

Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash

Diet is arguably the number one influencing factor when it comes to health and it seems that this is barely touched on and even neglected when it comes to prevention and treatment of disease.

And as for the protein, well vegans get it the same place the herbivores do…    

Even beyond the realms of health, there is a lack of awareness in terms of environmental impact our consumptions habits have and the possible implications with regards to climate change.

With regards to animal rights, many either completely deny that suffering exists or simply haven’t considered the detrimental effects say factory farming has on an animal’s physical and mental well-being.

The industry of course has its methods of assuring this remains the case. This website, or more specifically, the documentaries and vegan movies it lists and discusses, go some way to redressing this imbalance of information as it were.

Best Vegan Documentaries exists to inform and to make one think, to question and reconsider.


How can you trust the content of the documentaries?

It’s a good question, even though I appreciate I posed it myself.

In short, perhaps you shouldn’t entirely- not initially at least. These films have their own agendas of course- to make money and to encourage a certain way of living that corresponds to those of the maker or people involved.

That’s why it’s always recommended that one reads around the subject matters and delves into them further.

However, what becomes apparent after watching a few of these documentaries is that the same themes occur time and again. They back each other up.

Photo by Avery Evans on Unsplash

Many offer a challenge to mainstream thinking and thus the makers risk the wrath of wealthy corporations and industries that have hammered home their own messages with such relentlessness that most now accept them as fact without question.

Some film makers even document their struggles with institutions within the films themselves.

Of course ultimately, although these are vegan documentaries, they can’t make you convert to veganism or do anything you’re not comfortable with. It’s up to you to decide what’s true and what isn’t. What’s right and what’s wrong.


Some questions this site can help provide answers to include:

What are the best vegan documentaries?

Find out for yourself by clicking on the button below:


Are there any vegan documentaries on Netflix?

Yes. When last checked these films were currently available on Netflix, but be aware, accessibility to these films can dependent on where you live:


What vegan documentaries are on YouTube?

The following documentaries featured on this site can be viewed on YouTube:


Are vegans and vegetarians healthier than meat eaters?

Films to watch that explore this topic include:


How can you transition to being a vegan?

Everyone is different in this regard, but these films are about people trying veganism or discuss how people became vegan:


How would you convince me to become a vegan?

.Convincing is too strong a word, it’s more about being exposed to new information that may alter how you think about your relationship with animals, the environment and your health. The best of these are:


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