What The Health (2017)

“A truly remarkable movie about the broad and unspeakably horrifying consequences of our animal product based Western diet.”


  • Run time: 1h 37 mins
  • Director: Kip Andersen, Keegan Kuhn
  • Narrator: Kip Andersen
  • Language: English
  • IMDb rating: 7.9/10

In One-Sentence What Is What The Health About?

Examining the significant health benefits of a plant based diet and how government works with big business to cover them up.

Brief Synopsis

In What The Health, filmmaker Kip Anderson (also of Cowspiracy fame) explores and challenges the current guidelines in terms of what can be considered a healthy Western diet. Chronic, debilitating diseases are not only increasing in prevalence, but are now becoming the norm.

Kip’s journey leads him to uncover some quite shocking details as to how the benefits of switching to a plant based diet- a diet which could not only prevent these diseases but potentially reverse them, are being suppressed.

The pharmaceutical, meat and dairy industries all come under the spotlight alongside various government groups whose reasons for offering the dietary advice they do is largely based on sponsorship and lobbying.

The Trailer

Why Is What The Health A Vegan Documentary?

Although I’ve attempted to keep my personal opinions and the effects these documentaries have had on me to a minimum, I have to say,  What The Health was such a powerful film that it sealed my conversion to veganism. On top of knowing that a plant-based diet was considered to be better for all round health and the environment, one discovers that some of the most leading and respected sources (certainly in the United States) are funded by meat and dairy firms, thus making their dietary recommendations at best questionable, at worst, intentionally deceitful.

The fact a website offering support for cancer patients suggests they try recipes containing red meat, a known carcinogen, brought home how money is the underlying driving force for much of the information we as a public are given. By choosing a plant-based diet, one can not only improve health, but stick a finger, or more if you prefer, up to those big businesses that aim to profit from keeping people sick. Illness is an industry.

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