Want To Find Out About The Best Vegan Documentaries?

Then this is the site for an updated, growing list of vegan films about health, animal welfare and the environment and how and where to watch them.


What Is Best Vegan Documentaries All About?

If you’re thinking about becoming vegan but want more information about the benefits of a plant based diet or if you’ve already made the decision but need a little encouragement to carry on, then Best Vegan Documentaries can help.

On the other hand, if you’re merely seeking a good documentary that challenges mainstream beliefs about common subjects then this site it also for you.



How This Site Can Help With Important Life Choices

Giving up long-held beliefs and going against mainstream opinion and those of friends and family isn’t easy.

Many of us are conditioned from an early age to believe certain practices are ‘normal’ and to think a certain way.

But many things we hold to be true are simply not the case but we want to see evidence before making life changing decisions.

This is where Best Vegan Documentaries can help you make informed choices.

Put together is a collection of reviews about films that not only challenge commonly held ideas about the treatment of animals, human health and the effects of animal farming on the environment, but demonstrate why these are detrimental.

These documentaries offer solutions to these problems and simple steps that can be taken by the viewer.

Be warned, some are not easy viewing, and although they won’t necessarily turn you vegan, for the open minded, they will at least make you think.