Blood Money Inc. (2018)

“In the killing of animals there is cruelty, rage, and the accustoming of oneself to the bad habit of shedding innocent blood.”

Joseph Albo, Rabbi and Philosopher

Run time: 1h 39mins

Director: James Peter Jandu

Narrator: Mark Armstrong

Language: English

One-Sentence Summary

Exploring the various ways animals are made to suffer and die in order for people to profit and why this is routinely covered up.

Brief Synopsis

The use of animals for human gain goes back thousands of years; longer if one takes into account the various extinctions brought about by human migration and settlement. But only relatively recently have animals been exploited on an industrial scale. Their deaths annually reach into the billions with many having lead miserable lives in permanent incarceration. Blood Money Inc. focusses on the practices used and why the meat and dairy industries in particular have sold the public a lie, not only in terms of how they treat animals, but also about how their products impact on humans and the environment. Theirs are truly business built on blood.

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The Vegan Bit

A business’s sole purpose is to generate and maximise profit for its owners and/or shareholders. Unfortunately, there are many who use animals as a means to do this-those associated with food, clothing, medicine and entertainment. This need to generate income often means even the basic needs and rights of the animals concerned sink towards the bottom of the list of priorities.

Blood Money Inc. highlights these abuses with distressing, almost impossible to watch footage of animals being tortured and killed; footage that includes dogs being beaten, blowtorched and boiled alive. Some may point out that these practices originate in the Far East, but the irony is many of these claims will stem from those who still eat pig, cow and chicken flesh from creatures whose suffering is equally horrendous. Simply put, we are living through an animal holocaust of epic proportions.

By choosing to become vegan, one is making an active decision to not support these businesses, but instead, support the rights of animals. In a sense, veganism is a form of personal protest against all industries that subjects animals to abuses that would cause public outrage if it were humans on the receiving end. Vegans are going against the grain (ironically) and acknowledging a cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy many fail to recognise let alone act on. This hypocrisy exists on a government level- the documentary mentions some countries banning fur farms yet still importing fur from abroad. According to Blood Money Inc. by refraining from consuming animal products, we would require 20 times less land to feed the global population. This would, in time, allow our planet’s natural fauna and flora to recover, which is surely something worth striving for.

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