Lucent (2014)

“Pigs are extremely interesting animals. They’re able to solve challenging problems, they love to play, they display a wide range of emotions, and they have unique individual personalities.”

Marc Bekoff Ph.D, Psychology Today

  Run time: 1h 47 mins

  Director: Chris Delforce

  Narrator: Lindsay McDougall

  Language: English

  IMDb rating: 8.4/10

In One Sentence What Is Lucent About?

A film that focuses on how Australia breeds, farms and ultimately kills millions of pigs each year.

Brief Synopsis

Lucent, which many consider to be the prequel to Dominion, uses hidden camera footage to reveal the heartbreaking lives of pigs from birth through to when they are eventually slaughtered for their meat. Although the film was made in Australia, it represents many of the practices of the time used throughout the west.

Pigs are naturally intelligent, clean and social animals. The industrial farming practices are employed in such a way that many of the animals’ natural instincts are inhibited. Raised in environments that at every stage of their development lack the required mental stimulation and space, induces unnatural behaviours and physical and mental suffering.

The Trailer

Why Is Lucent A Vegan Documentary?

Concrete, metal and excrement. This is the life of a pig raised on an intensive farm. Criminals guilty of committing the most heinous of crimes would not be subjected to the same torturous conditions.

For many, Lucent will shatter the illusion that pigs (and domesticated farm animals in general) lead harmonious lives up until the moment of slaughter. It offers a new window into an unpleasant reality. There is neglect at every step, with some of those involved in the gathering of camera footage having to interject by saving a piglet from being crushed by its mother and by giving water to a desperate, dehydrated, dying sow.

The footage in Lucent shocks and saddens and will surely be the catalyst for many to give up not only pork, but meat in general.

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