Deadly Dairy (2017)

Two out of three Indians drink milk laced with detergent, caustic soda, urea, and paint.

Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister for Science and Technology

Run time: 17 mins

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Language: English

IMDb rating: Unrated

In One Sentence What Is Deadly Dairy About?

Exposing the illegal practices of the dairy industry in India, the largest producer and consumer of dairy products in the world.

Brief Synopsis

There is a belief held by many that vegetarianism and therefore consuming dairy products is more acceptable morally because animals are not directly killed for the product that is consumed.

Over the course of 17 minutes, Deadly Dairy reveals that in reality, the dairy industry is just as brutal. With evidence gathered from over 100 farms in India, this documentary shows that cruelty, suffering and death are prevalent at every step of the process, even after cows are no longer producing milk. With young males and old or unproductive females being sold for meat and leather, this documentary proves how close the links between all three industries really are.

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Why Is Deadly Dairy A Vegan Documentary?

For many vegans, dairy is arguably harder than meat to give up, as not only has it proven tricky to find decent quality replacements for particularly cheese, but so many products contain even just small amounts of milk or milk powder, that it can be very difficult to avoid the stuff. Deadly Dairy highlights why it is important to do so for anyone who cares about animal welfare. After watching it, it would be hard for an animal-loving vegetarian to defend the dairy industry and admit it’s any kinder than that which provides meat.

Although this short film is based in India, some of what can be seen occurs all over the world. Artificial insemination, is shown here, being carried out by poorly trained workers using equipment that may not be sterile. Calves taken from mothers only hours after being born, with males either killed or sold off for their meat.

Something I’d not seen or heard about before was how some farmers may take recently killed calves or even just their heads, stuff them and give them back to those mothers who refuse to release their milk- milk that’s supposed to be for their young.

If somehow a cow makes it through the random acts of violence, avoid infection or injury then they are likely to be forced, beaten and dragged onto trucks- trucks that take them to their eventual deaths. At this point they resemble emaciated prisoners of war rescued from a death camp, except there is no rescue. Those with fight left in them try to mount an escape, but their hooves slip on the blood drenched floor, with their own soon adding to it.

To some extent, one can understand poor people trying to make a living whatever way they can as I’m sure education opportunities and career paths are far more limited in the developing world than they are in the west. And there are animal protection and health and safety laws in place, it’s just that they’re often flouted in the name of profit.

Deadly Dairy demonstrates the link between dairy, meat and leather production, therefore by supporting one, you indirectly support them all. Dairy replacement products are improving and becoming more widely available, which should make the transition to vegan that much easier.

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