The Farm In My Backyard (2019)

Behind every beautiful fur, there is a story. It is a bloody, barbaric story.

Mary Tyler Moore, Actress

Run time: 16mins

Language: English

IMDb rating: Unrated

In One Sentence What Is The Farm In My Backyard About?

Residents of an idyllic lakeside community in Canada describe the impact fur farming has had on their lives.

Brief Synopsis

This short film is from the mouths of those directly affected by the environmental consequences of living near an industrial fur farm that houses around a quarter of a million mink. Excrement from the animals has made its way into the water system turning it toxic.  Government has not only been slow to respond to the health threats, but also has a history of financially supporting the perpetrators.

The Trailer

Why Is The Farm In My Backyard A Vegan Documentary?

This is the first documentary featured on this site which is dedicated entirely to the issue of fur farming. No reason behind that, it’s just one of those. A documentary about fur farming, even one as short as this, will inevitably depict animals being kept in atrocious conditions. Dark sheds with mink in cages that appear to contain more faeces than animal, and those creatures that can be seen, turning to self-harm and cannibalism. The conclusion from a vegan perspective is therefore obvious. Refusing to buy and wear fur is the only way to put an end to this industry. In many countries this message has been driven home with a degree of success, but the Far East in particular is yet to ‘cotton on,’ as it were.

Sometimes the detrimental effects places like this have on humans is overlooked or not recognised. Maybe that’s because people have a choice- the residents of Lake Annis could leave, even though in reality that may be a more difficult feat than it sounds. The mink can’t. They have no choice. Nonetheless, people do suffer (albeit to a different level) as result, and after all, if they didn’t raise concerns or bring their plight to public attention, then it’s possible the environmental damage and the suffering of the mink and animals like them, would be ignored all together. 

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