The Game Changers (2018)

“In a world full of game players, the only way to set yourself apart is to be a game changer.”
Matshona Dhliwayo, Philosopher

Run time: 1h 48mins

Director: Louie Psihoyos

Narrator: James Wilks

Language: English

IMDb rating: 8.4/10

In One Sentence What Is The Game Changers About?

After suffering an injury, a UFC fighter discovers the wide-ranging health benefits of a plant-based diet and talks to elite athletes and sports people who have adopted one.

Brief Synopsis

Diet is as important to those seeking to excel in a particular sporting or fitness arena as training regimes and mental attitude. As far back as Roman times, those competing in gladiatorial combat recognised the physical benefits of a plant-based diet even if the underlying biochemical mechanisms were not understood. Thanks to bad science, some of which has been influenced by corporations with a vested interest in promoting animal products, relentless advertising and pure myth, the requirement for meat and dairy to be an essential part of the human diet has been accepted as fact.

Featuring the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lewis Hamilton, The Game Changers seeks to readdress the balance by looking at how some of the world’s top performers excel on a vegan diet.

The Game Changers Trailer

Why Is The Game Changers A Vegan Documentary?

Many have been eagerly awaiting this vegan documentary as a literal game changer- a modern film that can ride on the growing wave of vegan popularity in society and dispel many of the accepted truths associated with competitive sports, mainly that food sourced from animals is essential for those seeking to obtain peak stamina, strength and performance.

So what does The Game Changers achieve? Firstly, this film isn’t solely about the benefits that a plant-based, vegan diet can bring to sports professionals. It touches on the wide-ranging health benefits to all- the potential 55% reduction in risk of heart disease for example, and demonstrates with a group of firefighters how blood pressure, weight and cholesterol levels can all be improved in a very short period of time.  It discusses how the stereotype that ‘meat makes you strong’ and ‘manly’ came about through advertising, even though humans aren’t physiologically designed to eat meat. As a Park Ranger in South Africa points out, in terms of strength, a gorilla will ‘fuck you up in 2 seconds’ without a bacon double cheeseburger or rib-eye steak in sight.

The Game Changers film looks at the reasons for the high consumption of meat certainly in modern western society. It boils it down to a combination of heavy advertising by the meat and dairy industries (and their influence on government guidelines), inadequate scientific research (much of which is funded by said industries) and flexible morality, in that it’s acceptable to eat one type of animal but not another. The upshot of all this is a state of confusion. No-one is sure what to believe, and whilst that remains the case, people will carry on doing what they’ve always done. But the game can be changed, and anyway, humans it seems, just do better on plants.

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