Speciesism: The Movie (2013)


the assumption of human superiority leading to the exploitation of animals.

The Oxford Dictionary

Run time: 1hr 34mins

Director: Mark Devries

Narrator: Mark Devries

Language: English

IMDb rating: 8.4/10

In One Sentence What Is Speciesism: The Movie About?

A highly thought provoking documentary which suggests our treatment of animals is fundamentally pure discrimination on a species level.

Brief Synopsis

Speciesism: The Movie begins with film maker Mark Devries looking into the work of animal rights organisations such as PETA. He subsequently discovers the truth behind modern animal farming practices and their detrimental effects on human well-being. The regard in which animals are held, as entities, not individuals with emotions, is shown to share eerie parallels with how human groups have historically treated and exploited each other.

At the end of what, in many ways, becomes a personal journey of enlightenment, there is a growing realisation that no matter which angle is taken, there can be no justification for labelling humans as superior to other animal species.

The Trailer

Why Is Speciesism: The Movie A Vegan Documentary?

One of, if not, the core principle of being a vegan, is that vegans do not believe animals should undergo suffering or exploitation for human gain. Speciesism: The Movie takes this further by demonstrating that logically humans are not superior to animals and that in fact, by allowing them to endure the suffering they do, we are simply discriminating against them.

Mark Devries tries to find loopholes in this argument by questioning academics and experts each of whom is more than capable of providing a cogent, logical response. As a counter measure, he wheels out who could only be described as a ‘fat Nazi’ whose point currently escapes me.  

People automatically assume humans are superior to animals, but a valid reason as to why can’t be found. Arguments citing our intelligence, morality, genetic complexity (Tomatoes have more genes than us) simply don’t stack up. Although not as hard hitting as other documentaries with a vegan theme, Speciesism: The Movie leads to the conclusion that ethically, humanity must change its stance on how it views animals. Going vegan could be the first important step in achieving this.

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