Meat The Truth (2007)

“You can’t be a meat eater and call yourself an environmentalist.”

Pamela Anderson

Run time:  1h 14mins

Director: Karen Soeters, Gertjan Zwanikken

Narrator: Marianne Thieme

Language:  English

IMDb rating: 8.0

One-Sentence Summary

Meat the Truth examines the little known fact that the majority of greenhouses gases produced by humans are a product of animal agriculture.

Brief Synopsis

Dutch politician from The Party For The Animals, Marianne Thieme, in a lecture style format, with side interviews and animations, focuses on the environmental consequences of eating meat. At the time of the film’s release, 18% of greenhouse gases were caused by livestock farming compared to 13% from all sources of transportation (except pushbikes and probably dinghies) combined. Thus, global warming, which the makers behind Meat The Truth consider to be the greatest problem facing humanity, is primarily caused by our excessive consumption of animal products.

Packed full of facts and stats, Meat The Truth describes how this problem is only likely to get worse as the human population increases and developing countries continue on their path of economic growth.

There is also some attempt made to understand why Al Gore’s film on climate change, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ completely disregarded the contribution to global warming made by the industry.  

The Trailer

The Vegan Bit

The message from Meat the Truth is clear- eating animal products is bad for the environment. Rainforests and their incumbent biodiversity are lost, less carbon dioxide can be removed from the atmosphere, and there is more pollution. Thus, even when ignoring the potential health benefits, switching to a vegan lifestyle is good for planet and clearly, the animals that roam it. As the documentary points out, if all Americans were to cease eating meat for just one-day-a-week, in a year, it would save the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 90 million airline tickets between LA and New York. So imagine what can be done if they gave it up entirely? Yes, a lot, as the documentary goes on to explain.

Al Gore’s apparent lack of knowledge on the subject of his own film does not get properly addressed, although if the documentary Cowspiracy is anything to go by, the reason will be something to do with the wealth, power and subsequent influence of the meat and dairy industries. Always the same… 

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