Unity (2015)

“He who experiences the unity of life see his own Self in all beings, and all beings in his own Self, and looks on everything with an impartial eye.”


Run time:  1h 39mins

Director: Shaun Monson

Narrator(s): Various

Language:  English

IMDb rating: 7.5/10

One-Sentence Summary

In order for humanity to truly find peace, love and a higher level of consciousness, we must come to recognise that we are one.

Brief Synopsis

Unity approaches the problems we face in world from what many would consider a different, almost spiritual angle. With quotes from great philosophers and thinkers over the ages, Unity seeks to prove that everything in the universe is connected. We as a species must rise above our current levels of consciousness to evolve into beings that function as a collective rather than seeking out the personal desires of the individual.

Unity reminds us that humans have been at war for 95% of recorded history with gruesome images of emaciated bodies piled up and injured, bloodied children. We as a species, simply haven’t learnt. Only when we do and come to recognise that we are effectively all the same can the problems of the world be permanently eradicated.

The Trailer

The Vegan Bit

From the brief synopsis, it may appear that Unity has very little to do with veganism. In fact, this is not quite so. With echoes of the documentary Earthlings (it’s made by the same people), Unity extends the idea of, well unity, to all living things on earth. It calls for a greater understanding of our relationship with the living beings with whom we share our planet and points out the hypocrisy in how we extend compassion to certain animal species and not others.

Unity highlights how our love of meat is still very much primitive and how we are being punished for it with heart disease and cancer. We live by death. Live by killing others. Of course, the harm extends to the animals bred to serve our dietary desires and Unity lists the billions of those that die each year to meet our ‘needs’. For a vegan, Unity reinforces the belief that animals should not be enslaved or suffer, but treated as unique individuals that share many of the primordial pursuits we do. Sadly, much of these ideals are yet to be experienced by the humans of this planet.

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