Carnage (2017)

“We are not vegans. They are carnists.”

Taken from the film Carnage

Run time: 1h 5mins

Director: Simon Amstell

Narrator: Simon Amstell

Language: English

IMDb rating: 7.8/10

In One Sentence What Is Carnage About?

The world of the future mocks the people of today for their treatment of animals and their carnistic tendencies.

Brief Synopsis

Set in the United Kingdom in 2067, Carnage is a mockumentary that looks back at how humans used to eat meat and their journey to creating a society where carnism is almost non-existent. There is a serious message behind the humour as amongst other topics, the plot involves having a swipe at how vegans are portrayed today, the advertising of meat and dairy products and the role of celebrity chefs and their often high profile campaigns.

The Trailer

Why Is Carnage A Vegan Documentary?

This very original film looks at what the world could be like if veganism was the norm. In a role reversal it is meat eaters who are in the minority and made to feel like they are different and are the butt of jokes.

What Carnage does very well by using a fictional retrospective look on society is portray the way in which animals are treated today as absurd. For example, highlighting the irony in an advertising campaign by McDonalds that has children gleefully playing with toys from the film ‘Babe’ whilst munching on food containing farm animals that feature in the film. Industries that make profits from animal products have been very successful in hiding the truth behind their practices. Carnage uses blunt, often strong terminology to describe these. Dairy cows are raped (although the industry would use the term ‘artificially inseminated’), and have their calves stolen so that we can drink their milk. As the film points out “What kind of animal rapes just for milk?”

The film’s narrative culminates in the creation of a society vegans are striving for. A society that is to be worked towards with the passing of a bill making the eating and enslavement of animals illegal. Today this seems far from ever becoming a reality, as many new movements or ideas that challenge the establishment and commonly held beliefs initially face mockery, ignorance and resistance. The momentum behind veganism is growing and in time perhaps a society as the one portrayed in Carnage will not be so far away.

Where And How To Watch Carnage

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